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El Leganés vs. Valencia was the most talked about game of Day 6


25 Apr El Leganés vs. Valencia was the most talked about game of Day 6

As in previous weeks, thanks to Opileak we analyzed the impact of the round of La Liga Santander on Twitter. We analyzed tweets from Friday morning until Monday at dawn, when the Alavés vs. Granada game ended, which was the last game of Day 6. On this day we analyzed 232,399 tweets from  124,337 users, which gives us an average of 1.87 tweets per person.

topics-leganes-valenciaThe time in which the most tweets were collected during the day was Sunday from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M., in which our tool analyzed more than 7,000 tweets. Very popular during this time was the tweets from the  Atlético de Madrid ante el Deportivo game, which had just finished a short while before. This game was the second most mentioned on Twitter with 18.9% of total comments, and in first place was the Leganés vs. Valencia game with 28.6% of comments. The most repeated word in its cloud of topics is “Enhorabuena”. We also found “Peppino”, and “intentions”… The next most mentioned game was Las Palmas – Real Madrid, which accumulated more than 18.1% of  the comments. These three games accounted for 65% of the total comments.

On the other hand we analyzed the mentions of the teams, in which, for the sixth consecutive day, Real Madrid placed first in the ranking with more than 37,000 mentions. In second place would be the other Madrid team, el Atlético de Madridwhich accumulated around 20,000 mentions throughout the whole weekend. In third place is Valencia, after dismissing its former coach and advancing to Voro to the first team. Valencia still does not know defeat in the two games it has played, and on social networks it is also an important team, gaining more than 14,000 mentions. In fourth place is Las Palmas, the Canarian team that accumulated 14,000 mentions on this day. In fifth place is Betis, which surpasses Sevilla in the number of mentions, with about 13,000.

Very close to the green and white team is Barcelona, and it is also interesting that the least mentioned team of the day was Villarreal. Last week the Yellow Submarine was one of the most mentioned teams, however this week it has fallen to last place, nearing 2,000 mentions. Also important and noticeable is the official profile of La Liga, which accumulated 25,000 mentions during these three days.

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