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Leo Messi is the most-influential Argentinian on Social Media


09 Mar Leo Messi is the most-influential Argentinian on Social Media

H+K Strategies, communication consultant for the WWP Group, presents H + K Social Index (HKSI), a ranking of the most inluential Argentine users social media.

The first place has a clear winner, Leo Messi, the player on Social Media, not only on Twitter, but on Instagram and Facebook, he has a following greater than 150 million users. An astonishing and increasing number… On Instagram he has photos like this, with more than 3 million likes:

Una foto publicada por Leo Messi (@leomessi) el

  He also has videos with more than 13 million views. The captain of the Argentinian team can be one of the people in the world with the largest community. The second most-influential profile on social media is Pope Francis. The Vatican Chief of state acummulates, within the 3 social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, more than 18 million followers. Despite from being a very large number, it is very far from Leo Messi, a number very hard to match: 150 million followers. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis, has the username of @Pontiflex_es onTwitter, where he has tweets with almost 10 thousand retweets, like this for example:

In third place is Martina Stoessel, who at only 19 years has accumulated around 10 million followers on her Social Media. She is a singer and an actress, acting in a series of the Disney Channel. On Facebook she reached 4 million followers, and has publications like the one below, with almost 10 thousand likes, and more than 400 shares… In the following image we can see the complete report with the 10 most influential and their Social Media. By clicking on the image you can see it enlarged:

Top 10 Argentinian Influencers

HKSI is derived from 3 basic variables : the amount of followers, public posts, and interactions per publication of each profile analyzed. Once the data has been relayed from social monitoring tools, it is taken as a sample with two months to discard errors. The same information is then areanalyzed and forms an algorithm in which each profile is assigned a numerical value for each of the three measured networks–  Facebook, Instagram y Twitter – and a final value or “Social Index” (SI).

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