On May 11, the Minerva Program celebrates #MinervaDay, and we will be there with Opileak - Opileak
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On May 11, the Minerva Program celebrates #MinervaDay, and we will be there with Opileak


09 May On May 11, the Minerva Program celebrates #MinervaDay, and we will be there with Opileak

This upcoming May 11th at 6:00 P.M., #MinervaDay will be celebrated, orangized by the Minerva Program, in the BOX space of Seville, on the island of Cartuja. This is the last peak reached by every edition for the Minerva Projects, in which they will have to state their idea in public and what they have advanced on during their months of work.

The Minerva Projects of 2016 will make an elevator pitch presenting their products and services: DaswareGarbiondaGeoindoorSIRAEVoLIOTSmart Biosystem, BepreventEgoducoStreet Museum AR,Crispfind, WalkspainBalanceatPiboxTiedlove y SiLoPierdes. All were selected at the time and they have worked during this year in the acceleration program, receiving mentoring and formation.

There will also be a roudtable at the event to comment on the experiences of previous Minerva Projects, all which have been success stories. At this roundtable will be our CEO, Pablo Adanero, together with Genera GamesEPC Tracker, Neurodigital, Paythunder y Wuolah.

The CEO of Genera Games will also attend, Enrique Tapias. This is the Sevillian business that has been able to position itself internationally in the development of games for mobile devices. This company has managed to achieve 21 million euros, and 95% of these benefits proceed exportations- without a doubt a model to follow.

After the Elevator Pitch and the roundtable there will be a cocktail party for the assistants with the objective of networking. If you would like to attend, you have to reserve your ticket on Meetup or through email at comunicacion@programaminerva.es. Here is all of the information:

On #MinervaDay 15 startups from Andalucia will give their elevator pitches. ¡We invite you! https://t.co/8mJl8D3OWr @ProgramaMinerva #emprendedores pic.twitter.com/cwqGWBgbZW

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