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Points which the races of ‘Madrugá’ were held: collected on Twitter


27 Apr Points which the races of ‘Madrugá’ were held: collected on Twitter

Thanks to the observations we made during Semana Santa  for Diario de Sevilla, we identified the tweets that were sent during Madrugá talking about the “carreras”, or races. Having analyzed more than 100,000 tweets, we made a chronology of the facts, that started around 4:00 A.M. and ended after 7:30 A.M. at dawn.

4:12:16 Salvador
4:12:49 Avenida
4:13:44 Postigo
4:13:53 Magdalena
4:14:12 Triunfo
4:19:00 Encarnación
4:21:27 San Pablo
4:28:16 Magdalena
4:34:29 Reyes Católicos
4:36:34 Postigo
4:36:40 San Pablo
4:36:59 Plaza Cristo de Burgos
4:37:18 Cuna
4:37:23 Daoiz
4:37:37 Paseo Colón
4:37:41 Avenida
4:37:55 Santa Ángela de la Cruz
4:38:30 Reyes Católicos
4:38:35 Francos
4:49:08 Laraña
5:00:47 Alemanes
5:04:22 Plaza Molviedro
6:05:15 Alemanes
6:06:02 Salvador
6:08:58 Alemanes
6:20:50 Trajano
7:34:06 Magdalena

From 4:12 A.M. until 4:20 A.M. there were seven different races in seven different places at practically the same time in the city. Then they continued to repeat the races in the same places, in addition to others, but at 5:00 A.M. the number of races decreased. At 6:00 A.M. the races were repeated on Calle Alemanes and in Plaza del Salvador, in which the last comment collected was at  7:34 A.M. in the Plaza de la Magdalena. Out of this data, the Diario de Sevilla made its paper and digital editions. In the artículo, Jesús Ollero made a graph of the data from Madrugá on Twitter incorporating also the information from Ilde Cortés, social media manager of the Spanish Soccer Federation.

The following map shows all the points in which races or race attempts were registered- up to 18 different places. 

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