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About This Project

The implementation of Opileak in Chiclana Natural, belonging to the city of Chiclana de la Frontera, has led to an increase in the control of reputational crises by 50%.

In this way, the company from Cadiz manages to improve its public image, responding to the citizens´ concerns, offering them effective attention and even directing their strategies to make them more effective.

Opileak, caso de éxito del Ayuntamiento de Chiclana de la Frontera  PROBLEMATIC

The new panorama of communication due to emerging forms of social media means that the communication strategies of institutions need to consistently be updated. It is no longer enough to know what is happening in traditional media. The opinion is on the network and you have to know it in order to act appropriately.


We allow public access to Opileak Ayuntamientos-Servicios Públicos, a monitoring tool to know what is said on networks about the actions and decisions of the government. It is a digital clipping system that makes it possible to provide summarized and real-time data about the most common concerns of citizens, their positive or negative feelings, how these attitudes change over time, as well as the most influential users of a given network.

Know more about the product “Opileak Government Public Services”.


  • Ivestén Event 2015

    Opileak has monitored the Twitter channeel during the XIX International Meeting on Care Research, Investen 2015, with goal of improving the content and communication in future editions.
  • Chiclana Natural

    The implementation of Opileak in the public company of Chiclana Natural has led to an increase in the control of the reputational crisis by 50%.
  • Comerzzia Retail

    "Comerzzia Involve CRM" incorporates Opileak technology to listen to the consumer on the network, know his or her concerns, and control the positioning of its brand against competition.
  • The 2015 Elections

    We led the national panorama with opinion analysis of the 2015 Municipal Elections in more than 20 newspapers nationwide.
  • Sports

    Which team is more popular, Betis or Seville? We have partnered with Estadio Deportivo to incorporate Opileak technology in the analysis of the conversation about Betis and Seville.
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