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Real Madrid is the most mentioned team on Twitter on this day of the League


18 Apr Real Madrid is the most mentioned team on Twitter on this day of the League

We analyzed, as in previous weeks, this day of the League to see its impact on Twitter. We analyzed Twitter from Friday morning until late Monday night, all of the teams and the games of the round. In this period of time we analyzed 210,419 tweets sent by 117,662 users, which gives us an average of 1.8 tweets per person, which is almost 2 tweets.
The time in which we collected the most tweets of the whole weekend was Sunday the 16th from 8:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. In this period of time we received more than 10,000 tweets, the accounts of Real Madrid y la de La Liga were the accounts which received the most tweets, more than 1,200 mentions for each one.

Una jornada más, el equipo que más menciones ha recibido ha sido el Real Madrid, con más de 30.000 y el que menos veces ha sido mencionado ha sido el Espanyol, con algo más de 2.000 tuits recibidos.


Seville Topics


Athletic Topics of Bilbao


Today a very intense matchwas played by Athletic – Real Sociedad, in which we can see the cloud of topics of this local team on the right. The most repeated term is “reto”, along with the words “derbi vasco” and “victoria”. It is interesting how the word “pleasure” also appears as a repeated tag.

To the left we can see the topics from the weekend of Sevilla FC, who, after several months of not knowing how to win away from their own stadium, won the Leganés in Butarque. One of the most repeated terms is “streak”, along with “Congratulations”, or “2-3”, which was the end result of the game.


Topics Leganés

EIt is interesting how the most repeated topic in the cloud of Leganés, the team that played Seville, is “pleasure”. Also appearing are the words “round 32”, referring to the Copa del Rey.

Finally, the official profile of the League, manages to have more than 20,000 mentions, a very high number, for yet another week.


Topics Betis – Real Madrid

As for the matches, we can exactly pinpoint the Atleti Granada game, which got more than 21% of tweet matches. On the left we can see the cloud of topics from the game between Betis y Real Madrid, where the most repeated term is “thrashed”. Also highlighted is “Isco”, who was one of the best players of the game. It is also interesting to see how “French advantage” appears in the cloud of topics, apparently referring to the goal by Varane.

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