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San Pablo is the Brotherhood with the most mentions on Twitter so far


18 Apr San Pablo is the Brotherhood with the most mentions on Twitter so far

Holy Thursday: we can now say we have passed the halfway point of Holy Week, which rings true for all Sevillian Brotherhoods. This week in Seville, life is enjoyed and appreciated in every way- in the crowded streets, in the hotel occupation of the city, and of course, in social networks.

In the observations we have conducted together with Diario de Sevilla on Semana Santa, you can see the tremendous impact it has.

We have been analyzing data since March 13th, about a month before Palm Sunday. It is interesting to see how San Gonzalo, after carrying out their processional exit, was, and still continues to be, the Brotherhood with which the most interactive users, as we can see in the image below. The best day to have interacted with San Gonzalo during the week was on Monday, and the best hours were around 7:00 P.M., when it more or less finished the official race.

However, since we started to monitor the Brotherhoods that make up the Penitence Station, the best Opileak index is La Estrella, which is calculated by taking into account the number of contents, mentions and retweets, and gives a score between 0 and 1. La Estrella has been the best index at all times, which has had a major impact on Twitter among all of the Brotherhoods.

With Opileak we can see the clouds of themes most commented on among the Brotherhoods, and it is interesting that San Pablo, today, displays the following: San Pablo was the Brotherhood that was very prominent on social media and the internet in general, broadcasting their processional exit on live stream. That´s why the cloud of themes that we see, with “millions of impressions”,  refers to  Twitter, “video”, “reproduction”… According to the evolution of comments by day, Monday has been the day most tweeted about so far, while San Pablo and San Gonzalo are the Brotherhoods that have received the most tweets. With respect to this thread, the two most used hashtags to talk about Seville´s Holy Week are #TDSCofrade and #SSantaSevilla17, as we can see in the image below.

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