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Successfull Vodafone holds Fast Forward Session in Cordoba


21 Mar Successfull Vodafone holds Fast Forward Session in Cordoba

Today in Cordoba a Vodafone Fast Forward Session was held, an event for entrepreneurs, celebrated in the Real Circle if Friendship in the city of Cordoba. The conversation on Twitter about the event has been sparked with the hashtag #VodafoneFFS.

The event started around 10:00 A.M. with the reception of the attendees, the welcoming, and the presentation of the event. At 10:30 A.M, Ramón Barrera took the floor, who gave a speech called “The future is now: recipes and tips for the digital  transformation of small and medium-sized companies in Cordoba”. Teresa Suárez, director of product development and communication for Opileak, has given a workshop titled “Communication and Sales: Learn new ways to approach your customers.” Teresa has extensive experience in the field of communications, and is also responsible for communications of the International School of San Francisco de Paula and the latest editions of Event Blog Spain, the oldest social web event in Spain.

In thirty minutes she focused on what small and medium-sized companies can do to work on their brand positioning, customer attraction, and loyalty.

Two workshops have been held, and the second has gone hand in hand with Ícaro Moyano, who is the corporate development advisor at Brandmanic and Member of the Hightrack Advisory Board, who has titled his workshop: “Social Spaces on the Internet, communication tactics, and conent strategies”.

After the workshop, the three speakers, Ramón Barrera, Teresa Suárez and Ícaro Moyano, have organized a round table titled: “Digital innovation… how can I apply it to my business?”.

To close the event there was Speed-networking where attendees met up and exchanged personal contact information. The whole event was moderated and presented by Ángel Garrorena.

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