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Summary of Seville´s Semana Santa on Twitter


18 Apr Summary of Seville´s Semana Santa on Twitter

During all of Semana Santa, in the observations we have conducted, the Hermandad de la Estrella and San Pablo remained the most popular indexes Opileak obtained. With the week already completed, the one that finished as the best index was the Hermandad de la Esperanza de Triana, with a score of 0,93 out of 1. The first two brotherhoods are from the district of Triana, the second being El Cachorro, and the third, La Resurrección. La Estrella has fallen to fifth place.

During the whole week we analyzed more than 16,000 users commenting on the topic, and the Esperanza de Triana is, by far, that with the most mentions out of the Brotherhoods. It has been mentioned in more than 110,000 tweets, and is  followed by San Pablo which is in second place.

The day of the week most commented on was Lunes Santo, followed by Madrugá, and in third place Domingo de Ramos. The most-used hashtag of the week was #SSantaSevilla17, with around 19,000 tweets, which gives us an average of 2,000 tweets with this hashtag per day. In the first days of the week and prior to Easter, the most used hashtag was #TDSCofrade.

A moment that will be remembered of the Holy Week was the Madrugá, a night with incidents and that left us images like these two:
The band that accompanied the Brotherhood of the Esperanza de Triana in the Cruz de Guía left the route during its Penance Station, as can be seen in the summary “for injuries, loss and deterioration of instruments”, which caused a flood of positive messages towards the band, condemning all the negative events that were happening.

In the second image we can see the summary of the Hermandad del Gran Poder that lamented the falling of one of their brothers that lost his life the same night.

Both clouds of topics are fully related to the summaries and the messages that they contain.

This year we saw the Brotherhoods bet more on social media and new technologies, highly appreciating the work of the Community Manager, for example, to focus on all of the moments that occurred to their followers during the year.

We take time to recognize the work of the professionals who managed the social networks of the Brotherhoods and the Town Hall who calmed the population during the altercations that occurred in La Madrugá.

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