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The #AlavésAtleti was the most talked about match of the day


28 Mar The #AlavésAtleti was the most talked about match of the day

Twitter and soccer is still a very good combination. This past weekend, Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th, Sunday the 29th, and Monday the 30th marked the 20th day of the league. We have counted 278,021 tweets, sent by 153,658 users, which gives an average of almost two tweets per person.

Real Madrid has received more than 35.000 mentions, a very high number, in which the average is about 10,000 mentions per day. Other teams that have received a fair amount of mentions are Real AlavésSociedad with more than 20,000 mentions, and very close behind is Celta with more than 18,000 published tweetsAtlético de Madrid and Sevilla also have a similar number of mentions.

Another team that received a lot of mentions during the days that were analyzed was Alavés, in which we see its cloud of topics to the right. In total this team received more than 17,000 mentions. It is interesting how the most-used term is “round”, alluding to the second round of the championship which began with the round that already passed.

AlavesAtletiIn terms of most-talked about games has been the match of Alavés against Atlético de Madrid. We can see the cloud of topics to the left, in which the most repeated term was the final result, 0-0, followed by”team”.BetisBarça

Another game trending on Twitter this weekend was #BetisBarça, which ended with a tie and a redistribution of points for both teams. The most-repeated topic was “soccer”, followed by “hawk eye”, which is very interesting. The latter refers to the situation that occurred during the match, where Barcelona did not accept a goal that was valid.

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