The hashtag #ebe16 generates more than 40 million impressions
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The hashtag #ebe16 generates more than 40 million impressions on Twitter


28 Mar The hashtag #ebe16 generates more than 40 million impressions on Twitter

The weekend of November 25th, 26th, and 27th 2016  EBE was held, The Spain Blog Event, the oldest and most important event on the social web. Opileak has had the pleasure of collaborating with them and was able to witness the importance of this event firsthand.

The hashtag #ebe16 has received 41 million impressions alone. This hashtag has was included in nearly 8 million tweets, written by more than 1,500 users, in which the average is about 5 tweets per person, a pretty high number with respect to the normal average of tweets. This reflects the high participation of users.

On Friday the 25th, the hashtag, #ebe16 managed to be the fifth Trending Topic nationally, even ahead of famous television shows like Big Brother. On Saturday and Sunday this hashtag also managed to be TT, numbers 11 and 14 respectively.


Topics @ebe

The account of ebe received around 5,000 mentions during this time, and its cloud of topics, which we can see to the right, is very representative. We can see the most trending topics are “thank you”, along with “lifestyle” and “digital life”, which is part of the event´s motto, Ditial Lifestyle. Also appearing is the date of which the event is celebrated, “26th 27th” and of course terms like “blog”, “rooms”, and “streaming”.

50 speakers participated during EBE, among which the speaker most mentioned during the weekend was Virginia Pérez (@virginiapalonso), with more than 400 tweets referencing her. Then, with more than 300 tweets received over the weekend is speaker David Bonilla (@david_bonilla), and very close behind is Antonio Gutiérrez (@antonigr), who opened up the event.

In total we collected around 34,000 tweets sent by more than 12 million users, with an average of less than 3 tweets per person- an average that is much closer to normal. The event, held at the Three Cultures Foundation, was divided into different rooms, all of which could tweet. The most popular hashtags were #amarillaEBE and #verdeEBE with a similar number of tweets. Out of all of the collected tweets from the different rooms, these two hashtags produced by two rooms accumulated 70% of the comments. The other rooms displayed less interaction on Twitter.

EBE is a nationally important event, and all of the data can prove this, but seeing how other media tries to immitate the event proves even more the popularity and relevance of this event. Diario de SevillaCadena SEREuropa Press and even El País, among others, have published articles talking about this event. We have counted numerous articles from various medias.

Here we provide you with a video summary made by Luis Olivan, director of the Emprende TVE program, who also did not want to miss this event:

See you in th next EBE. Are you going to miss it?

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