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Valencia vs. Atlético de Madrid is the most talked about match of the day


20 Apr Valencia vs. Atlético de Madrid is the most talked about match of the day

As in previous daysthanks to Opileak, we were able to analyze the impact of the matches from this weekend on Twitter. The most talked about game of the day was the face off between Valencia and Atlético de Madrid. From Friday morning until very early Monday morning, when the seventh day of La Liga ended, we analyzed 12,369 tweets sent by 6.942 users, which gives us an average of 1.78 tweets per person. topics-partido-valencia-atmtopics-partido-osa-lpa

The time of the weekend in which the most tweets were collected with our tool was Sunday from 3:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M., in which we analyzed more than 1,000 tuits. The most talked about game from the weekend, with hashtags proposed by La Liga, was Valencia – Atlético de Madrid with more than 3,000 published tweets. We can see its cloud of topics on the right, where we observe tags such as “team” or “French connection” referring to the front of the Madrid team formed by Griezmann and Gameiro . The second most talked about game was Granada – Leganés with more than 2,000 tweets, while the third most talked about game was the face off between Osasuna and Las Palmas, which had more than 1,500 tweets. To the left we can see the cloud of topics from the game between Osasuna y Las Palmas.  topics-partido-rma-eibThe game ended 2-2, with a goal at the end of the game for Las Palmas, which led to a tie. As we can see, the score “2-1” appears twice, but the score “2-2” appears only once.

Very popular from this match are the mentions about the encounter between Real Madrid and Eibar, where the white team ended up tying. Our tool picked up around 1,500 tweets, and the cloud of topics, which we can see on the right, interestingly does not mention anything negative about Real Madrid. The tags are talking about Eibar and its “puntazo”.  Also appearing is the term “first”, referring to the first point Eibar has ever scored in its history in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

topics-mal-athThe fifth most talked about match was Málaga vs Athletic de Bilbao, an encounter that ended with a come back from Malaga at the end of the game, who ended up winning with a final score of 2-1. We can see the cloud of topics from this game on the left, where the predominant tags are “points” and “goal”. Also highlighted is “2 minutes”, referring to the time left when Malaga scored the winning goal.

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