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We analyze “EBE”, an event of the veteran social web in Spain, with Opileak


14 Mar We analyze “EBE”, an event of the veteran social web in Spain, with Opileak


Nube de topics de “EBE”upcoming 25th of November, EBE (Event Blog Spain), will be held in Seville.  

This upcoming 25th of November, EBE (The Spain Blog Event), will be held in Seville. With Opileak, we can know how this event has been developing on Twitter for over a month. From October 10th to November 3rd we have collected 3,000 tweets in total, sent by almost 2,000 users. The search “EBE” is the one that offers the most results, accumulating more than 50% of the total tweets. The “cloud of tweets” is the image we see on the right. The most repeated term is “November”, the month in which the event is celebrated. Also appearing are the terms “blogs”, “país”, “año”… along with the dates “25th to 27th” and “November 27th”.

Next, the second-most popular search the data shows is the account of the organization who organized the event, EBE, who has received 300 mentions during this period of time. The hashtag #EBE16 also has a lot of activity, and is very similar to the cloud of topics on the official account.

One of the organizers of the event, Luis Rull (enlace), has received 170 mentions in this period of time. The hashtag #TeLoVasAPerder also has had activity, accounting for more than 100 tweets.

We have also analyzed 34 articles on 27 web pages talking about this event. Some examples are Sevilla Actualidad, ABC, or Expansion.

Opileak has the pleasure of being a collaborator of EBE. We will monitor the event with the objective of seeing what is said about it on social media. EBE takes social media into account, and has many hashtags prepared so that assistants or users can post tweets. From Opileak we will continue to report on the data provided by the event on Twitter.

From Friday November 25th at 4:30P.M. until Sunday the 27th at 1:30PM, EBE will take place, where there will be 70 lectures dealing with the “Digital Lifestyle” theme, carried out by experts in this field.

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