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We analyzed Opileak CONECTA, an event for young entrepreneurs


07 Mar We analyzed Opileak CONECTA, an event for young entrepreneurs

The Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Sevilla y la Fundación Cobre Las Cruces organized a business meeting for CONECTA on March 2nd, where in addition to generating contacts, free services were offered to young entrepreneurs about how to open up businesses in Seville.

With Opileak we analyzed the impact of the event through Twitter. In total we analyzed 702 tweets sent by 170 users, which gave of an average of about 4 tweets per person, a farily high number.  

Topics #ConectAJE

To the right we created a cloud of comments that had the hashtag of #CONNECTION, which was included in more than 100 tweets. The most repeated term has been “empresa”, along with the date of the event “2/03”, that is, the 2nd of March, or “March”. We also saw “ponentes”, “casos de éxito”, “andaluz”… Most of the tweets that have been sent to the hashtag #ConnectAJE were sent from Seville.

The official account of the “Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Sevilla” on Twitter, @AJESevilla, has received more than 120 mentions, and its cloud of topics is almost identical to the one we see, which means that a lot of users who used this hashtag in their tweet also mentioned this account.

The event began at about 10am and had important talks and debates with important personalities of organizations and well-known businesses in Seville, Spain. In addition to this, there was also networking, which is one of the main objectives of events like these: putting young entrepreneurs in contact with organizations that can help them make their dreams a reality.

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