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We analyzed the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Twitter


27 Apr We analyzed the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Twitter

On Twitter, with the help of Opileak, we analyzed “the football classic” of Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, the game that stunned half of the world on Twitter. In total we collected more than 100,000 tweets talking about the game and about the clubs, posted by around 86,000 users, which tells us that every user posted an average of a little more than one tweet, which is a very low number, signifying that there were a lot of people who posted very little.

Real Madrid was the most mentioned team on Twitter out of the two, with around 13,000 mentions on its official Spanish account, while Barcelona on the other hand, received a little more than 10,000 tweets. This tells us that the two teams were mentioned in about 25% of the total tweets published in regard to soccer.

Piqué, the center for Barcelona, who is already well-known on social networks, was the most mentioned player, with more than 7,000 mentions on his official account. On behalf of Real Madrid, it is interesting that the most mentioned player was Isco. In terms of the coaches, Zidane won the game against Luis Enrique, with 3,000 more mentions than the “culé”.

Topics en los tuits enviados desde Barcelona

Opileak has given us the possibility to geolocalize the tweets, and we were able to verify that more tweets were sent from Madrid than from Barcelona. These are the clouds of topics that we collected from both sites:

Topics en los tuits enviados desde Madrid

On the left we see the cloud of topics for the tweets sent from Madrid, and on the right the cloud of topics of the tweets sent from Barcelona. We can see it is very interesting how in the cloud of topics sent from Madrid the most repeated term is “86”, while for Barcelona it is “90+3”, representing the minutes in which both teams scored, for the home team to tie and for the visiting team to claim the victory. It is also interesting how the words “referee” and “card” appear in Barcelona´s cloud of topics, referring to the red card acquired by Madrid´s center, Serio Ramos.

Nube de topics de James

In Madrid´s cloud we can see “1-1” which was the score at the end of the first half.

The cloud of topics for James, the Real Madrid who scored a goal, does not go unnoticed, in which some of the most repeated terms are “victory” and “man of the day”, as well as “2-2”. Below, as one of the most repeated terms, is “player of the game”, referring to the best player of the game, despite having spent little time on the field. Although the grand prize for the public due to his performance in the game, went to Messi, although he accumulated less comments on Twitter because he does not have a Twitter profile.

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