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We analyzed the impact of “Noche en Blanco” on Twitter


20 Apr We analyzed the impact of “Noche en Blanco” on Twitter

From Friday afternoon until very early Saturday morning, activities were held for the Noche en Blanco in Seville. Thanks to Opileak we analyzed the impact that the event had on certain social media platforms. On web pages we analyzed more than 200 articles that have “Noche en Blanco Sevilla” in their titles. With this we verified the great repercussions of the event through mediums of communication and blogs.

On Twitter we analyzed around 11,300 tweets sent by more than 5,590 users, which gives ua an average of 1.71 tweets per person.

The time of the night in which the most tweets were collected was Friday from 10:00 P.M. to 12:00 A.M., in which our tool analyzed more than 1,700 tweets in total.
topics-noche-en-blanco-sevillaGoing deeper into the data, we analyzed the event from Friday at 7:00 A.M. until the afternoon of Saturday, October 8th. On Twitter we compiled 2,400 tweets with the hashtag #NocheenBlancoSev. From this hashtag resulted the very varied cloud of topics, which we can see on the right, that includes all of the words that were searched on Twitter. The most repeated term is “Visits”, also followed by “people” and “culture”. It is interesting how  “photo of the center” appears in the cloud, alluding to the amount of people that were in Seville´s center. topics-cuenta-noche-en-blanco

It is also outstanding that “Noche en blanco” was present in more than 1,800 tweets. We also analyzed the official account of the event, @nochenblanco, that received more than 750 mentions in this period of time. The cloud of topics from the account of the event differs slightly from the others, in which we can see to the left. The 3 most repeated terms are “Visitors”, “lines” and “year”. Visitors match the cloud of topics in the main hashtag, however the term “lines” appears in the center of the cloud of tags. There were many tweets that mentioned long lines to enter certain places. Then, we also found more popular tags such as “culture”, “photo”, and “noche sevillana”… topics-noche-en-blanco-localizadas

We geolocalized the searches so that we could check how many tweets were sent from Seville, and the results were very spread out. We collected around 5,000 tweets sent by more than 2,750 users. The most repeated term here is “noche en blanco”, followed by “lines”, and “activities”.

Clearly, social networks have demonstrated the success of participation in the event. Congratulations on one more edition!

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