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We analyzed with Opileak the impact of the “Carrera Nocturna del Guadalquivir”


25 Apr We analyzed with Opileak the impact of the “Carrera Nocturna del Guadalquivir”

On the night of Friday September 30th, the “Carrera Nocturna del Guadalquivir” took place. It is an event with a trajectory in the city- it is the 28th anniversary-, and very popular. Thanks to Opileak we were able to analyze the event on Twitter, seeing what was said, how many tweets there were and how many people tweeted about the race.

topics-nocturna-sevillaIn total we analyzed more than 6,000 tweets sent by 3,163 users, which gives us an average of 1.9 tweets per person. We monitored the event from Wednesday morning until very early Saturday morning. The proposed hashtag for the event was #NocturnaSevilla16, which during this period of time had 2,000 tweets, being the most mentioned hashtag of the race. The cloud of topics for this hashtag is what we see on the right.

On the other hand, the official account of la Carrera Nocturna de Guadalquivir  had 1,280 mentions. Another account related to the race is Instituto Municipal de Deportes (IMD) of Seville, who is the organizer of the event and who received 1,000 mentions. It is also remarkable that “Nocturna del Guadalquivir” was included in 321 tweets. The time in which the most tweets were collected between Wednesday and very early Saturday morning was very early Saturday morning, from midnight until 2:00 A.M., where we analyzed around 1,000 tweets. topics-carrera-localizada

To see the real impact of the event on Seville, we also geolocated the searches to know how many tweets were sent from Seville, which was more than 1,400, sent by 763 users. The cloud of topics from the people who tweeted from Seville is what we see on the left.

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