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We analyzed with Opileak the impact of the game between Seville and Betis on Twitter


09 May We analyzed with Opileak the impact of the game between Seville and Betis on Twitter

On Tuesday September 20, 2016, the first league derby of the 2016-2017 season was played between Sevilla and Real Betis. This game, like many others, is one of the most intense of the year, a derby that is lived a special way in the capital of Andalucia. Thanks to Opileak, we analyzed the impact of the game on Twitter.

In total we analyzed, on the full day of the game and the following morning, Tuesday September 20th, 80,456 tweets sent by 59,360 users, all talking about the game. Appearing in the image, talking about Seville, -including tweets from players-, we collected 34,956 tweets written by 26,291 users, and referring to Betis we collected 32,237 tweets sent by 23,878 users. Just below we can see the cloud of topics for both teams, on the left for @SevillaFC, and on the right for @RealBetis. nube-topics-sevilla nube-topics-betisOn the left we observe the cloud of topics of the mentions of the official account of Seville, and the terms most repeated we can see in the image. In the same way for Betis, the image appears to the right.nube-topics-elgranderbi

During the analyzed time, Seville received 5,814 mentions on its official account and Betis received 6,298 tweets, a number very similar to the amount of mentions. Although the number of users that tweeted was very similar, the average tweets per user for Seville was 1.44, and for Betis was 1.55.

The main hashtag of the game, #ElGranDerbi, received 4,490 tweets, and its cloud of related topics is what is shown on the right. Also, another hashtag that was tweeted a lot during the game was #SevillaBetis which had 1, 247 tweets. jugadores-mas-comentados

The time of day in which the most tweets were collected was from 12:00 A.M. until 2:00 A.M. Our tool collected a little more than 8,000 tweets in these two hours of the early morning, after the game was over. Mercado, the player that blocked the goal, had more than 1,000 tweets and about a thousand tweets with the hashtag of the game: #ElGranDerbi.

Looking at a ranking of players, the most mentioned were the players we see in the image on the right.

nube-de-topics-arbitro-sevilla-betisIt is remarkable how the cloud of topics has a reference to the game, Estrada Fernández. The collegiate received 1,207 tweets with his name and the cloud of topics is what we can see to the left. In his tweets the most repeated word is “error”, due to the goal blocked by Real Betis offside, the goal that turned out to be good, and tweeters reminded him of this.

Also, the number of tweets received by the stadium where the game was played is remarkable, el Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, which had 3,755 tuits in the period of analyzed time.

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