We participated in the technological workshop of the Connected Public Institutions of Seville - Opileak
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We participated in the technological workshop of the Connected Public Institutions of Seville


18 Apr We participated in the technological workshop of the Connected Public Institutions of Seville

Grupo Tier1 celebrated a workshop directed towards Public Institutions under the context of “How to utilize technology in an efficient manner to connect to citizens 4.0” and with Opileak we presented the tool and some case studies.

Pablo Adanero, CEO of Opileak, in his talk “How to move from the noise of a bar in social networks to the orderly conversation of a restaurant” commented on how to use social listening in an efficient way.

Pablo intervened after the introduction of Teresa Suárez, head of product development at Opileak, on the use of social media in public entities where he showed good practices of different municipalities and public bodies in the use of social networks.

In the demnostration, Pablo Adanero pointed out real client situations who properly manage what is said about then in social networks, forums, media, etc. Together with the representatives present, the following questions were raised: Do we recall what interests, worries, and generates the most diffusion? Do we know the best unofficial channels? Do we know the digital ecosystem of our municipality?

He explained how Opileak is a useful tool to study online positioning and online opinion of the citizen, which helps them make decisions that ensure the success of their corporate strategies, operations, and communication.

He presented the following process with different clients:

  1. Keep track of the official accounts of the municipality or entity and other channels of interest: Twitter, Facebook pages or Youtube.
  2. Track local, provincial and regional websites for posts and comments.
  3. To index in a system all the multichannel information.
  4. Generate a history of the electronic community.

In the workshop they also presented different real solutions for public institutions:

  • How to offer a greater experience to the citizen through the advances of Queue management and Previous Appointment in Public Institutions with Qmatic technology, in a talk by Martín Carvallo, CEO of Qmatic España.
  • How the Social Currency Helps to Reinvest in the Community, through the advantages of using a tool to manage coins in a digital format, in a talk by Lorenzo Fuentesal, CEO of Clickcoin.
  • The Benefits of a Comprehensive System of Supply and Maintenance, in an intervention by Antonio Ruiz, Accounts Executive of Tier1.

The day concluded with a session for questions, along with an opportunity for networking.

From Opileak, we would like to thank Group Tier1 for the invitation and all other attendees who participated. 

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